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Three secrets for the Fireman's Carry lift in Contact Improvisation
The fireman's carry lift is one of the most famous and commonly used lifts in Contact Improvisation. The person that flies is lifted and carried on the shoulder of the base as shown in the image above.
Do we need technique to dance Contact Improvisation?
Many times I find myself in discussions about this topic and I notice that often in the jams many participants don't care about taking classes or workshops to improve their skills. But what are these skills? And what can we archive if we master these skills?
Entering in a Contact Improvisation jam
Ci sono alcune jam dove siamo pienamente presenti, e balliamo con tutta la nostra grazia. E in altre totalmente totalmente l'opposto. Che cosa fa la differenza? È possibile trovare un percorso che ci porti ogni volta a questo stato di flusso?
Personal Focus Jam
An easy way to research while jamming
Recipe for a Contact Improvisation Jam warm-up
How to lead a warm-up before a jam? There are probably infinite ways. Here are some ideas.
The alphabet of the body
Sensations are the alphabet of the body. If you try to explain a sensation you will need to find a compromise made of words.
The Shadow Project
While dancing with the intention to feed our inner artists, an interesting dialogue started to emerge inside and between us. The one dancing and the one being projected as a shadow. Both important, both present, both involved in the same dance.
What happens when I dance Contact Improvisation without gravity?
A chronicle from a 10m deep water CI experience