Insights diary

A stream of meaningful insights from my daily practices and encounters.

  • Not to bypass my emotional states

    Sep 19, 2021

    I remind myself again that to heal my traumas I should not bypass my emotions when they come.

    I should instead bring my attention there, fully listen, sense, stay and play with it.

  • What is Numbness ?

    Sep 14, 2021

    Listening to a video of Thomas Hübl, I figure out what is Numbness.

    Numbness is an active process of not feeling. Which means numbness needs energy.
    The numb parts in myself, the dissociated parts, take energy. It's a doing, it's not a being.
    That's not our natural state. Our natural state is to be connected to life, feeling and sensing are our natural state.
    I can develop in my own inner work a more precise presencing method, that when I notice that I'm numb, I'm noticing something already. So when I stay with not feeling and I can precisely meet myself in not feeling, my awareness merges with that process.
    And at the moment that I become one with the process of numbing, I bring light into that part of my body…"

    19 September 2021

  • Allowing change to happen

    Sep 8, 2021

    Today I realized that to allow a change in the reality of somebody I have to trust the other person, that he/she can change if wants. Otherwise, I can block the process.

    If this person takes drugs again I don't have to say: "Eh, I was expecting that". Otherwise, I give strength to that behavior.

    With our beliefs, we shape reality.

  • How to keep your inquiry open

    Sep 7, 2021

    Attending an online class of "Relational Intelligence" with Nita Little I got blown up by one concept.

    She brought an example. "Immagine that you are looking to the sky and you see an airplane. When you say "ah, it's an airplane" than your inquiry is finished. "

    Watch something without naming it keeps the inquiry and your curiosity,  open. 

  • The body I touch is not the the picture on the anatomy book.

    Jul 7, 2021

    As Ilan Lev keeps reminding us "What we touch during a bodywork is not the picture we see in the anatomy books".

    I find also in the following quote from Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen a lot of resonance about the same topic.

    "The first thing for me when I put my hands on someone is to forget everything I know. If I know something, that is what I'm going to find, and I might miss what is actually there."