Insights diary

A stream of meaningful insights from my daily practices and encounters.

  • How to overcome laziness for daily healthy routines ?

    Apr 22, 2022

    From time to time I find myself finding excuses or telling myself that I don't find time for meditation or my morning practices.

    Lately, I have had very good results using this strategy.
    I set a 5 minutes timer to practice with full attention.
    And after that, it's easier to extend.

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  • The vehicle we drive, becomes an extension of our body schema.

    Mar 6, 2022

    The vehicle we drive, in our embodied self-awareness, becomes an extension of our body schema.
    Today I’m excited since I found somebody writing about this embodiment phenomenon.


    “The body schema is the part of embodied self-awareness that senses that our body belongs to us and to no one else, as well as our sense of movement and balance, our ability to locate particular parts of ourselves, our sense of our body size and shape, and the awareness that our body has boundaries that separate us from objects and other bodies.”

    “The body schema can be expanded or contracted in our relationship with objects in the world. The vehicle we drive, in our embodied self-awareness, becomes an extension of our body schema. We can “feel” the boundaries of the vehicle as if they were the boundaries of our bodies. This allows us to change lanes, follow at appropriate distances, and park. We may conceptually be aware that the vehicle is not actually part of our body, but in the act of driving, we sense it as an extension of self. The same is true of a tennis racket, skis, hammers and screwdrivers, and pencils (Ihde, 2002).”

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  • Awareness is medicineĀ 

    Feb 18, 2022

    Rising awareness improves our ability to monitor and regulate our basic body functions.

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  • What is a bodywork?

    Feb 16, 2022

    To the one that from today ask me what I dedicate myself to, I simply answer "somatic therapy".

    Then, I think that it's quite easy to relate to the word "therapy".

    The word "somatic" instead it's a bit more tricky since it's still not mainstream and for someone may be hard to grasp because to understand needs to reconnecting our feelings from within.
    Dancers and people who practice yoga, meditation, Thai chi, and other awareness-based movement practices have quite an advantage in understanding it.

    Anyway, it's never too late to connect and relate to this experiential state.
    If you don't have a clue about what the word somatic means, receiving bodywork can be an amazing starting point to explore your body from within experience it. šŸ™‚

    It will be a journey, that can allow to use your body in your daily activities doing unnecessary effort and eventually to reconnect to part of ourselves that we experience as "foggy", body parts we lost contact with.

    So come for bodywork, I will be happy to start this journey with you.

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  • What does it mean Imagery ?

    Feb 14, 2022

    Imagery means the use of consciously created mental representations of an experience to support the development of healthy physical function, strength, mobility, and coordination.

    More details here:

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