What is Bodywork ?

They are many ways how to define bodywork. I like to see it as a "somatic therapy".

I think that it's quite easy to relate to the word "therapy".
The word "somatic" instead it's a bit more tricky since it's still not mainstream and for someone may be hard to grasp because to understand needs to reconnect our feelings from within.
Dancers and people who practice yoga, meditation, Thai Chi, and other awareness-based movement practices have quite an advantage in understanding it.
Anyway, it's never too late to connect and relate to this experiential state.
If you don't have a clue about what the word somatic means, receiving bodywork can be an amazing starting point to explore your body from within. 

It will be a journey, that can support you to use your body in daily activities doing less unnecessary effort, and eventually to reconnect to parts of yourselves that you experience as "foggy", body parts you lost contact with.