REI NVC 2021

Breza & Tisa apartments - Ribnica na Pohorju, 26, Ribniško Pohorje, Slovenia - Show map
From 14/08/2021 to 21/08/2021

If you want to explore Non-Violent Communication, this retreat is happening next July in a beautiful venue in nature in Slovenia.
Nayeli and I have been invited as guest teachers to bring movement and embodiment practices.

REI NVC 2021 is a 7-day intensive retreat, planned for 3.-10. July 2021 in the beautiful nature of Ribniško Pohorje, close to the Austrian border.
It is based on NVC (Nonviolent Communication) and we welcome beginners as well as more advanced practitioners of "giraffe language". 
This is the third similar event in the past few years and one of my favorites to facilitate and be a trainer. If I would pick just one word, past participants use to describe it, I would call it magic. You wonder why? Check our web page for short video testimonials.
So much empathy, learning, connection, and community spirit, changing our lives "beyond and further" and making changes and memories that last a lifetime.
At least 4 sessions a day, some in parallel, lots of choices, certified trainer in nonviolent communication with CNVC as a lead trainer, more supporting full time and guest trainers. A small number of participants, full board with fresh and local vegan meals, two or three bedrooms in newly build 4* apartments. Nature, communication, embodiment, safe space, and lots of connections.   
We are aiming to make affordable prices, yet if you would like to join us and prices may not support that, please contact us, we will search for solutions supporting all of your and our needs.
We welcome you, to check our web page for more info.
You can also write to us an e-mail: .

Breza & Tisa apartments

Ribnica na Pohorju, 26
Ribniško Pohorje