A revolutionary form of hands-on bodywork that addresses body aches, pains and movement imbalances.

Through bodywork we can get an external support to address this situations and to allow our body to find a new equilibrium and alignment free from tensions.

Davide Casiraghi giving Ilan Lev method bodywork


More than a dance, it's like a mindful practice to fully awake our agility, release tensions and find a state of inner peace.

Contact Improvisation dance is liberating, creative and fun. It’s about exploring movement, balance, weight, physical contact and communication, involving two or more persons at the time.

What people are saying about my bodyworks.

I connected with my body more and got to feel muscles I forgot existed. My joints were moved and rotated. The best part of it is the afterglow and the fact that my back pain was gone in 2 days after this!

Thank you Davide for the wonderful treatment. The next day I woke up without pain and with flexible muscles! What a great experience!

Each time this shake-therapy surprises me with its subtle and profound healing effect.

I found the session of Davide deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. My lower back pain was almost gone already after the first session. There is much more you get from the session than releasing the pain.

I had the feeling that I had stretched a lot, or rather that I had regained my natural length which I had forgotten for a while. I released many tensions and the aftermath was more energy.

Before the session, I felt disconnected from my body. After I was totally relaxed and my body awareness has been much higher for weeks.

These bodyworks helped me to feel where the stress and anxieties were and to let them go.

I had a pain in my knee before. After the session, I could feel that something has been moved and shifted for good.

It has been a relaxing pleasant journey, all my joints were loose and fresh again.

I felt completely relaxed, and all the toxic stress I had before was gone.